Disney’s D23 Recap!

Susan attended Disney’s annual D23 event on July 16, 2017 and she had events scheduled all day long! “Hercules” celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year (I know, what??) and had it’s own panel, “Zero to Hero: the Making of Hercules”, featuring many of the original creators and animators. Susan came in for that panel and answered some questions as as well as sang her signature song at the end. You can check out the full panel below!


Want to skip to Susan’s song? Here you go!

Later in the day, Susan also honored the new Beauty and the Beast release by showcasing music from the animated movie, the stage production, and the new film! She sang every Belle song in one big medley and it’s really a treasure. Be sure to check that out below.

Finally, one of the coolest things Susan got to do was introduce Alan Menken’s special panel, “A Whole new World with Alan Menken.” Susan’s introduction is about 6 minutes long and was terrific. Watch that below!


The many photos from the day can be found in our gallery → HERE



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