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June 15, 2010

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

I have pals in the business who faithfully send out monthly reports, or at the very least update their sites … and then there is me. It’s been a YEAR since I updated. Yikes! So sorry, but at least there is a lot to say!

Much has happened (concerts, life, babies!!). I’ll fill you in below and also promise to write more often, since writing is what I aspire to do now that my performing is taking a backseat to motherhood (for the next few years). Still, I’ve had some incredible performance opportunities this past year, including the Kennedy Center, Symphonies, and so much more … so you never know!!

I hope you all are well!

Check out the updates on other pages of the site as well, and as always feel free to write to me!




I’ve been teaching master classes for over a decade now at universities across the nation, I also spent a year in 2003 as the Interim Artistic Director for the Orange County High School of the Arts, and now this year I’m thrilled to be on the faculty at UCLA for the US Performing Arts Camp in Musical Theatre. I am looking forward to working with the staff (especially pal Danny Gurwin who is heading the program this year) and the amazingly talented kids!


Georgia Stitt and I enjoyed writing and performing this new cabaret act while we were both expecting our second daughters. With humor and visible bloating, we had the pleasure of entertaining folks at New York’s Metropolitan Room, at Catalina’s in Hollywood as well as Georgia’s church in LA and a beautiful venue in OC benefitting the Chance Theatre. For those who came — thanks!!


I started working for a company called LIVE ON PAGE, which provides the kind of technology found on my home page — me talking to you! Spending the last year mostly pregnant didn’t offer much opportunity to film these animated messages for other clients … except one. If you want to see me fat, you can, by going to Life Bank USA is an exceptional company that banks newborn’s cord blood — which with the advances of science can literally save that child or a family member’s life. I was proud to be a part!


Lucky Me! Tarbell Realty hired me for a second year to star in their concert awards event. This year …. MY FAIR LADY! I had directed the play, but never actually performed in it, so I was thrilled to play Eliza Doolittle with the most stellar cast ever and an enormous orchestra on stage under the direction of Emmy-winning Mark Watters! Coming just 8 weeks after Isla was born, I knew I had some treadmill hours to spend — lucky for me, that’s when I learned my lines. The whole experience, from working alongside some of my best Bway Pals (Hugh Panaro,Cathy Newman, Nita Whitaker, and more), new pals like the incredible Christopher Cazenove as Henry Higgins, the inspiring Young Americans and our directors: Bill and Robyn Brawley — this is one of the most special experiences I’ve had as a performer. Thank you to Betsy and Don Tarbell! Color me happy!


The Music of Frank Loesser
Good friend and head of ASCAP’s musical theatre division, Mickael Kerker, called this year with a wonderful opportunity. He invited me to be a part of the Kennedy Center series, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, which highlights the careers of legendary composers in an informal format of music performance and interviews with the composer, or in this case the late composer’s wife, Jo Sullivan Loesser. So I joined Ron Raines and Noah Racey as well as Emily (Frank’s talented daughter!) and Jo Loesser to showcase this iconic man! Lucky me … we are scheduled to take the same concert to Atlanta and Miami this coming year!

Returning to the Kennedy Center was such a joy, especially since my sister, Liz, who lives in NY took the train down to baby sit 4-month-old Isla backstage!


Broadway Rocks
Enjoyed another set of Broadway Rocks concerts with pals, Capathia Jenkins, Hugh Panaro, Doug LaBrecque and Darius de Haas. We played the Buffalo Symphony (4 months pregnant), Atlanta Symphony (7 months preggers) and Colorado Symphony (5 months post!) Phew!


Most of my time now is family-oriented, so I suppose I should represent that in my update. =)

We had an exciting addition to the family this year — on December 15th, 2009, little Isla McKay Hartmann was born. [Pronounced “Eye-lah,” for those wondering.] Big sister Nina has been AMAZING from the start! And as I write today Isla turns 6 months! It’s flying by already! Rob and I are blown away by it all.

June 15, 2009

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

My goodness — it’s been 5 months since my last update — and here I was saying to myself that I’d be better about this this year! What can I say? Time flies and life is a full-time gig. =) But I hope all of you are well … and have summer plans that are both relaxing and fun.

It has been a pretty life-changing few months for me: Robert, Nina and I moved (to the OC, where I am now a real real OC housewife … not the TV kind), we very sadly lost my mother in April after her long and courageous battle against breast cancer, and we learned that we’re having another baby due in December. I don’t even feel like the same person, and I suppose this is what life is: the highs and lows, the stresses and joys, the emotions and the day-to-day list of to-dos. What I’ve learned is this: people (great people), family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and even strangers are incredible and helpful and supportive … and it’s important to remember that undeniable fact when you do come back down to earth and back to a normal life … and it’s even more important to remember to be there for them when they need kind words or a helpful hand. =) It’s so basic, but it really is everything.

And I am coming back down to earth … with some fun things planned for the summer.


You may soon notice a new addition to my home page on the main site — me! Yup, I’m walking and talking and showing you around the site. This is due to my new association with a company called LIVE ON PAGE, which pairs celebrities (and me, apparently) with companies/brands as an on-line spokesman (or woman) for their internet sites and marketing. A good friend and TV producer, Frank Pace, called me about this project of his and I loved the technology!! Hope you do, too.


It’s been nearly three years since I did Susan Egan: All Knocked Up — a concert at NYC’s Metropolitan Room for two sold-out nights! Can’t believe it. Well, I liked my dress (which only fits if I’m 6 months pregnant), so I’ve decided to do an updated version of the show in both LA and NYC!! And …. I’m recruiting my gal pal, Georgia Stitt, intot he act!! She’s due in late October, so we’ll both be large and lovely by August!!

Georgia Stitt (click here to go to her site!) is one of the most talented composer/lyricists I know. She’s also a riot. We met in NY when we were introduced by Michael Kerker of ASCAP. who thought (rightly) that I might like to record some of Georgia’s tunes. I did and have on two of my CDs and one of hers! But we became close friends when we both moved to LA (she with husband Jason Robert Brown) and me to marry my husband (just Robert). When Gergia was prgnant her first time. she’d flopat in our pool to cool off, when I had Nina I joined Gergia amnd her daughter in mommy and me classes all over LA. We bonded. We work a lot together, record a lot together, gossip, cook, laugh … we felt it was time to take the show on the road.

So come see us!!


More Broadway Rocks Concerts Coming Up!!
Excited to have another set of Broadway Rocks concerts coming up this summer and fall! This is by far the most fun I’ve ever had with a symphony!! Those musicians LOVE the chance to let loose and rock … who knew?? I also adore my pals Capathia Jenkens, Doug La Brecque and Rob Evan.

Here I am at Wolftrap last year with Capathia and our guest singer for the evening, Nina Herzog … just after singing Dreamgirls.

Come find us this year!!



The Best Corporate Gig Ever!!

Lucky Me! Tarbell Realty hired me this year for one of the most incredible concert experiences I’ve ever had! I got to join Broadway pals, Brian Stokes Mitchell (we started a theatre company together back in the 90’s!!), Hugh Panaro (who I’ve been concertizing with on the symphony stages), Laura Bell Bundy and the staggeringly talented Young Americans for a Rodgers and Hammerstein tribute. The concert included shortened versions of Oklahoma, Sound of Music, and Flower Drum Song, and then a full length concert version of South Pacific. I was thrilled (at my age!!) to play Laurey and Maria, and then have the chance to watch Stokes play Emile and sing Some Enchanted Evening. We performed for the exuberant audience of realtors (not open to the public) and really had a BLAST!!! Best moment … hanging out with Shirley Jones backstage — she hosted the concert!!

I’m even more excited because I get to come back next February and play Eliza in My Fair Lady for their Lerner and Lowe tribute!!


You’ll have to forgive me as I post some recent shots of the Bean (Nina) as she discovers the magic of dandelions. =) Wonder what she’ll be like as a big sister??

October 20, 2008

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

It’s been eight months since my last update, forgive me folks. It seems that though I am working less these days I have even less free time than before — why is that? Ah, motherhood! I go days without having the chance to get online (except to play “scrabble” on FaceBook at 11pm… shhhh!). But it’s been a fantastic Spring, Summer and Fall! I hope it has for you as well!


I have some great new concerts coming up — something to please everyone — I hope!

Hey Folks — So very sad for me, but a family situation forces me to back out of my concert with the beautiful ladies of VOX Femina. Good news for the audience is that my dear friend, Rachel York — who is GORGEOUS and BRILIANT and has far MORE Broadway credits — WILL be singing with VOX at that concert. Check out to read more about this impossibly-gifted woman — and go see the VOX show on November 8th!!! AND vote NO on Prop 8, while you’re at it!!!

[Susan will be replaced by the incredible RACHEL YORK!! See Susan’s comment above.]


If Cher and Tina Turner can have 12 farewell tours, I better get started! Nah! This is just the title we came up with for a true cabaret-style concert at the famous CATALINA’S JAZZ CLUB here in Hollywood. Goodbye OLD concert material — here I’ll be trying out the new stuff, including a tune I wrote with “Guitar Guy,” Brian Haner. If you don’t know who he is you MUST Google or YouTube him. He’s brilliant, and because my husband reps him and paired him with famous comic Jeff Dunham, Brian feels he has no choice but to write with/for me. I won’t clue him in any differently! AND for the show I’ll be joined by Stephen Cook (he’s a doctor … of piano!) and my niece (who says nepotism is dead?), Jamie Hartmann who will have just closed her production of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (as Annie!) that afternoon! She’s uber-talented and I’m scoring points-with-family … soooooooo come see the show, full of VERY FUNNY new tunes, and perhaps a few teary ones. It’s your: “Last chance for guilt-free fun before the holiday season knocks you upside the head!”



Old Friends!

Just had a great time reuniting with pal and mega-talent, Christopher McGovern in Janesville, Wisconsin, of all places! He and I had a blast doing our good ol’ concert — with a few new tunes thrown in. Showed us both that even though we’re apart for months now-a-days, the “tour” magic survives!!!


Disney ICON!!!!

Had one of those out-of-body experiences as I got to sing with legendary Richard Sherman who (with his brother Robert) wrote basically EVERYTHING for Walt Disney back in the day: MARY POPPINS, WINNIE-THE-POOH, IT’S A SMALL WORLD, just Google them and see their endless list of accomplishments.

We had such a good time together that he’s invited me to sing on his behalf in November as the Young Musicians Association celebrates his massive career. I’m thrilled!


Peggy Sawyer Moment
The summer of concerts was absolutely nutty! I was a part of a mini-tour of symphony concerts called BROADWAY ROCKS with music from: TOMMY, THE WIZ, WICKED, HAIRSPRAY, LITTLE SHOP, DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES, MAMMA MIA and more. Nothing like hearing 80 symphonic musicians rock out! I was lucky to work with Rob Evan, Doug LaBrecque, and Capathia Jenkins alongside the National Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Minnesota Symphony and Utah Symphony (Gary Mauer filled in for Doug). In DC we had an exciting moment, because there was no local singer to be found to complete the female trio of DREAMGIRLS, so a student-friend of mine (she’s a 17-year-old at the Orange County High School of the Arts) stepped on stage and made her orchestral debut in front of 8000 people!!! Yay Nina Herzog!

Above Left: “Big” Nina, me, and “Little” Nina at Wolftrap before the audience arrives.

Left: Me, Capathia and Nina backstage after singing DREAMGIRLS with the National Symphony Orchestra.


The update in the Nina-Bean book is she is almost 21-months and is running and talking (and screaming) up a storm. We recently sold our home and are in temporary digs, but Nina is having a blast. Lots of LA fun at the zoo, Griffith Park (ponies and trains), Music Together and live concerts throughout the city. Lots of travel, too, adoring Lincoln in DC, a first haircut in NYC and a panic attack meeting Elmo in Times Square. And who doesn’t love a pumpkin?


So much is going on … we will soon have a new president (and I hope whichever side loses will do so gracefully), our economic future looks a little bleak in the short term, the holidays are heading quickly our way; so many emotions are flying! I see it all as an opportunity to remember what really matters: family friends, health … you’re smart — you get it. Now we have to live it!


February 10, 2008

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*


Hello everyone — thanks for visiting! I’m really excited about our new look here on the FAN PAGE!

As we all know, time passes and we grow older (some of us seemingly faster than others), and so I thought to myself … it’s time to get rid of those photos from TEN+ YEARS AGO and embrace the fact that this week I’ll be … uh … 38. Yes, count them … 38 years. No lying here about age. As Oprah says, women lying about their age are denying their true selves, the wealth of their experiences … and not doing the rest of us any favors. She doesn’t believe in it, nor do I! Thankfully we both also concur that hair color IS absolutely allowed.

And so … I celebrate 38. I’ll never be this young again, and frankly I’m enjoying my 30’s very much!

And to celebrate … the wonderful, technically-savvy Karen and the decidedly less techno-literate I, have decided to upgrade the FAN PAGE to a) blend with the recently re-designed MAIN PAGE, and b) to create a more representative site for all of us to hang out in. I think you’ll like the newly focused pages, some familiar like MESSAGE BOARD, SUS NEWS and FAN FUN, some re-named and re-tuned like READING ROOM and SCRAPBOOK, and some brand new: LINKABLES and FREQUENTLY ASKED. I like to think we’re a bit more sophisticated without EVER taking ourselves too seriously. I hope you’ll participate, write, post, suggest, demand, and involve yourselves.


In recent news. My little one has also had a birthday this month — the Bean (Nina) is now a year old. Time has flown. She continues to crack me up, and I continue to subject her to … uh circumstances … whether ridiculous costumes, long orchestra rehearsals hanging on my body in the Baby Bjorn, altitude sickness at the Colorado concert last week (poor Nina), deliberately not combing her hair for my own amusement, or with scary cupcakes on her birthday … which actually turn out to be tasty. She’s a good girl and a great sport. And the therapy bills will come at a later date, so for now were all good! I love this Bean, even as she (oh no!) turns off my external hard drive while I’m typing (her current activity); she likes buttons. Oh, never mind, now she’s playing with the phone. Wait! Time to change the diaper!

Birthdays can sometimes be hard. … Or pretty satisfying.


“There is an ‘I’ in Hospitality”

I’ve been having a very educational and wonderful experience this year as a guest lecturer in the university world at Cal Poly Pomona — a position sponsored by the Hugh O. La Bounty Endowed Chair for Interdisciplinary and Applied Knowledge. A mouthful, right? Basically I’m spending half my time with Arts students in master classes and concerts and the other half lecturing to students outside the arts about how (my field) the Entertainment Industry crosses over into their fields of study. Sound dry? Actually it’s not — I’m having a blast. I just spent some time with the students at the Collins School of Hospitality and Management at Cal Poly — talking about how “Iron Chef, iPods and the Internet have turned Hospitality into Entertainment.” Not your average matinee! But loads of fun to explore these other aspects of show biz. Next quarter I have the opportunity to speak to educators and students in the business school. I look forward to it.


After a month off at the holidays, things flew right back into action with concerts starting at the University of Arizona with pals Jodi Benson and Gary Mauer. (below left) It’s not often that a gal gets to sing tunes from Mama Mia with the Phantom and Little Mermaid! And it was terrific getting to finally meet some of you face to face!!

And this past weekend Steve Cook and I (below center) had the chance to pair up with my old (but we’re both still young!) friend, Patrick Cassidy, for a concert here in So Cal. (below right) Patrick is long on talent and credits but is only now venturing into the concert arena… and he’s AMAZING! I highly suggest you find out where he’s performing and go! His songs and stories about growing up in his famous family (mom: Shirley Jones, dad: Jack Cassidy, brothers: David and Shawn) are inspiring and hysterical. In his words “you had to take a number to get mirror time in my house.” You’ll love it!

And next month I’m off to Hong Kong to sing with the symphony there, along with cohorts Doug LaBrecque, Kirby Ward and Joan Hess in a Tribute to Fred and Ginger. I’ve never been to Asia and can’t wait. We’re leaving the Nina-bean home with family while Rob and I travel on this adventure. Hmmmm. I wonder who will have more fun??


SUSAN EGAN: LIVE – Now I know the CD has been out and available on-line and at concerts for a few months, but the official STREET DATE for store release is coming up on March 4th!! So be sure and check out the little Susan Egan section in the CD store (I’m always just behined Linda Eder — not a bad place to be, frankly) and find Christopher’s and my latest!

Now go explore and check out our new little site here. Let us know what you think! And let us know what you’d like!

Happy February!


May 26, 2007

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

Happy Summer!!

Ummmm .. okay so it HAS been five months since I last updated, but I have a pretty good excuse … I’ve been … uh … lactating.

February 6th, 2007 at 5:09am … after 28 hours of labor … little Nina was born. She’s now almost 4 months old and is already hilarious, which is a highly valued quality when you’re born into a goofy family.

Here she is, with bunny, wishing you all a happy summer. =)

Nina and I have already traveled to Monterey, CA and Naples, FL for concerts. She’s very well beahved in a dressing room (accompanied by dad or a friend), and very helpful at sound checks, since she knows the show backwards and forwards. She did, afterall, do more than 40 concerts while still in the belly.

She particularly enjoyed a band rehearsal last week at home, though the drums startled her a few times.

But we did have fun doing a private concert for a 40’s inspired evening in Pebble Beach. The boys clean up well in their “Casablanca-Bogart” white jackets!

LIVE in BREA CD!!! – We are now in post … fancy talk for editing and mixing the CD … and hoping to have the new LIVE CD in stores by the holidays! It should be a fun one to be sure … many of you are screaming on it! And it finally captures the concerts I’ve been doing around the country the last several years, complete with stories and Christopher’s amazing piano playing! Special thanks to Christopher as always … and Bruce Kimmel who produced for us!

Now! There is lots more to see and read. Check out SUS SUGGESTS for some good reads not just from me … but suggestions from you guys, too!



December 24, 2006

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

Happy Winter, Everyone!!

Three whole months since an update — I am horrible! BUT it HAS been incredibly busy — so lots to report!

First off THANK YOU all for making WINTER TRACKS our best release to date! We’ve gotten some swell reviews (and didn’t even PAY for them!) and as of December 1st, WT has been available for download on iTunes. Incidentally, I’ve discovered that JAY Records has recently put SO FAR (the CD I recorded in London in 2001) on iTunes as well — so now all the solo recordings are digital. Yah Hoo!

LIVE in BREA!!! – We successfully recorded the LIVE CD (our next release) at the lovely Curtis Theatre in Brea, California at the end of September! THANK YOU all for coming out — you were very enthusiastic and you’ll definitely hear yourselves on the final mix!! =) Special thanks to Christopher as always … and Bruce Kimmel who produced for us!


Part I: Something sure was in the air this fall! Chris and I headed to Dover, Delaware for a concert at the lovely Schwartz Center. The event was organized by a young woman named Destiny — and little did she know that her boyfriend Mike had emailed me months prior to make a plan …

… Destiny had no idea that when I called her to the stage at the end of the concert to personally thank her for organizing the event, what we REALLY had planned was for Mike to enter with an engagement ring and certain question!

Destiny’s family and friends were all there … everyone teared up … Destiny was SHOCKED and said yes … and the two lovebirds danced to “When You Wish Upon A Star.”

Part II: And while all that was happening … somewhere nearby on the East Coast our good pal, Diana DiGiacomo (see her articles on FAN FEATURES!) was being asked a certain similar question by her longtime beau, Allen! I finally got to see the ring and the smiling Diana in person at the Metropolitan Room concert in November! What a season, right? =)

11/12 and 11/13/2006

Chris and I had a crazy amount of fun at the gorgeous new Met Room on 22nd Street in Manhattan! Not only were the crew and staff great — the crowd was fantastic. They were very understanding of my gi-normous physique, and Chris and I had a blast trying out some brand new material: a “what-it-was-like-to-be-on-tour medley,” our pregnancy medley, a new tune by Georgia Stitt about motherhood, and Carol Hall’s lovely “Jenny Rebecca.” It was a great way to say buh-bye to NY for the next few months. =)

Now! There is lots more to see and read. Check out SUS SUGGESTS for some good reads not just from me … but suggestions from you guys, too, and there are a few more photos in the GALLERY! Send me more pictures of you guys for the CONCERT PALS section! AND I LOVE the new selection on FAN FEATURES by Andi Whaley — don’t miss that! We are also updating throughout the site, so take a gander everywhere for little surprises!

Happy Holidays, my friends!



June 22, 2006

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

Unbelievable! It’s nearly July, I’ve had the whole month of June off, and I’m just NOW updating the site. I’ve been a lump, what can I say? =)

Happy SUMMER!! Yay — SUMMER! I hope all of you are having a great time. =) I’m back home — took the month off — my first whole month off since I don’t know when — and it’s been wonderful!

But before all that — I spent the last wonderful week of April in Cleveland with Carl Topilow and the Cleveland Pops, singing with Sal Viviano. Then I spent the wonderful first week of May in Philadelphia with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops, singing more Broadway tunes with my pals, Debbie Gravitte, Sal Viviano (again!) and William Michals. Cleveland was a blast –it’s my third time working with Maestro Topilow and he’s a great guy — and Sal keeps me laughing! Among the many highlights in Philly: 4 tremendous shows with the Pops in the gorgeous theatre, an “impromptu” tour of Independence Hall, a walking tour of the city, late night ping pong across town (Debbie kicked Sal’s butt) and an AMAZING meal with Peter and his wife Becky. Then, Sal talked Debbie and I into purchasing new jeans at his favorite store: Lucky Brand.

Here we are after the lovliest dinner on our last night in Philly. Sus, Becky. Peter, Debbie and Sal.

If the jeans fit ….

Back at home I faced a month of RELAXATION. Niiiicccceee. =) I also caught up on some business-y things like the dreaded new headshots! I LOATH getting professional photos taken, which is probably why I often use the same headshot for YEARS! But time to come into the new millennium and get color shots done, so… I made a bold move and got rid of the Millie and Sally Bowles haircuts and colors (or whatever combination of both I’ve been living with for the last two years) and went back to what I used to be!! Course it takes chemicals for me to have the hair I had in high school, but here it is. The new me. =) [This is how little I’ve done this month — I’m talking about my hair. So sad.] Thanks to m y neice Jamie who got me in touch with photographer Kavyn Major Howard — he’s the man!! I hope to use these shots for the next 9 years. =)

July comes in a few days and it’s back to work — lucky me that I love my job! All you Bay Area folks — come find me on the 4th of July with the San Francisco Symphony, Debbie Gravitte (I LOVE her!) and Rob Evan, singing tunes from the movies — I hope they have fireworks!! Then it’s back in LA at Los Angeles Community College’s brand new Cabaret Summer Series — I’ll be performing my solo concert with Christopher McGovern on July 14th and 15th. The venue only holds 100 — so order your tickets!!! Visit my CALENDAR page. =)

And the BIG NEWS????? Well ….. I haven’t actually been sitting on my behind this whole month after all …

The TBD Holiday CD!!
Chris and I have decided to record a new CD — and we’ve been doing pre-production all month! We’ll begin laying down tracks in July in NYC! It’ll be released in November, just in time for the holidays, which fits the theme of the CD!! =) Just a little teaser!! We’ll have some traditional seasonal tunes on there as well as originals from Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken, Georgia Stitt, David Green and John Glaudini, and our own Christopher McGovern. =) What do you think???

AND NOW — check out the updates on the site: FAN FEATURES (read Angela’s real life Beauty and the

Beast love story!) , there are new books listed on the SUS SUGGESTS page, and check out the answers and meet our winner of the last CONTEST! A new CONTEST is coming, thanks to an idea by Jackie!! There are lots of new pals on the myspace site, and soon we’ll have a petition going to get a Broadway/Theatre category on their Music page, so stay posted!!

And now … put on some sunscreen!!!


April 23, 2006

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

Hey Gang!

Another month (and a few weeks) have passed and we’re well into Spring! Finally! Long winter!

We spent a few warm days in Tucson, AZ in concert with my dear friend, Jason Graae, who kept us in stitches for 3 days. He’s a NUT!

Then Chris and I wrapped up the community concerts end of our tour and had a blast all the way to the final show in Dundalk, Maryland! Yay for Julia Evins (amazing graphic designer of all three of my CDs!!) who came to that final show. =) And thank you to everyone else from the site who came to those final shows! A special kudos must go to Kayle, who ignored the no-gift rule (I forgive you only this once) and brought a custom item … a “Princess Farrell and Sir Lee Fables” t-shirt! I love it and as it was pink, I assumed it was for me — but as you can see, Chris did make a play for it. But I sign the checks — so it came home with me!
Did I miss my husband? Sure, but there were others to keep me company, Princess Farrell style. =) My favorite image from the road?
This billboard — it captures everything.
The mood, the food, the landscape,
you name it. =)

After Dundalk, Chris and I recouped — working-style — in Boca Raton, FL — doing easy 45-minute concerts each night for the retirement types — and they were great! Good Lord, I hope I have the energy they do when I’m their age! Our opening act was a tremendous talent, Arthur Hanlin, a latin pianist. And big thanks to Warren Hanrahan (above) who added to our show with his amazing rhythm section! I spent a few days at the beach with my books, Subway sandwich and “the gull” who would sneak up and eat it. “Mine, mine.” Pushy little *&%#*!!

We headed to the other coast of Florida to Naples and did four shows in 2 nights at the Naples Philharmonic Performing Arts Center — gorgeous! It was a crazy success (you can click here to read it); I guess it pays to buy off the critics. =) Hee, hee. And so, they’ve already invited us back for next year, April 26-29, 2007.

After a day back in LA, Chris and I then made our way up the California coast (though we did have to de-plane a few times before they got the dragon/plane working — I’m sure it will make the fable), taking my family with us for a little R&R. Though we did do one corporate concert up there, the majority of the time we spent wandering Monterey and Carmel. My favorite? The Monterey Aquarium and the OTTERS!!!! Can I have one? Please, please? I think they’d get along with alpacas!

Been home now a whole week — nutty, I know. But heading out of town now to Cleveland for the Pops concert, then Philly Pops the first week of May! Hope to see some of you there!

In the meantime — check out the updates on the site: FAN FEATURES (read Eric’s movie-musical thoughts and reviews) , SUS NEWS, check out the answers and meet our winner of the last CONTEST and check out the new CONTEST! There are lots of new pals on the myspace site, check it out — and I’ve been blogging like a good girl! =)

And now … countdown toward Summer!


March 12, 2006

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

Hello Everyone —

What a crazy two months it’s been. Chris and I have hit so many states on the tour I can’t even remember them all. I think we were in Texas for the life span of a small rodent, and drove or flew to every last corner of the place. We’ve also been through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas (where I FINALLY got to sing “I’m as corny as Kansas in August” in Kansas), California, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and currently Ohio! The tales have been many. Chris, who has gone off the deep end to be sure, has even written of many of them (and more) in fable format and posted them on the MESSAGE BOARD. I think some of the later postings have confused newcomers, SO I have compiled all the “scrolls” and have created a link here for you to read Christopher’s (or Sir Lee, as he likes to be called) musings… click the scroll on the right to read.

Among events, we’ve had shows where they forgot to tell us they were starting, so we never showed up after the intro …. THAT’S a little hard to recover from! We’ve had many a reservation snafu, some flights cancelled, a search for vegetables, I had a lovely birthday (complete with cake, thanks to my hubby) in Pampa, TX, Chris and I have heard MANY a book-on-tape (or iPod), some of which are on the SUS SUGGESTS page. But best of all, we’ve met sooo many of you!! And hopefully lured some new folks to the message board as well! Thanks for sending your pictures in to me, guys! I love having them for my scrapbook, and posting them on myspace.

And by the way, for those of you who helped – thank you for getting my friends list on myspace up to 500 for my birthday!!! We’re now way past 600!! For those of you who haven’t been there yet – some take a look! The lovely Melissa (my administrative assistant from the days when I was at the Orange County High School of the Arts) is helping me with the music and fan-photo montage!! And my niece is responsible for the “look” of the page – lovely shamrocks at the moment! But I’m on there as often as possible as well, and answer each message myself … so come take a look! You’ll also find some of my Broadway pals in my “Top 8” friends, so you can click onto their spaces as well!!

AS for THIS site – we have some new things!!!! The contests have been such fun we decided to dedicate a whole link to them. So check out CONTESTS. I think you’ll like the latest – a collaboration between Chris and myself; hopefully it will give you all some insights to life on the road. =) And thank you Jenny for last month’s HARD Trivia – and congrats again to Jerrica our winner of the re-gifted iPod shuffle! This month’s prize? A $25 gift certificate to our favorite road-side restaurant, Denny’s, in honor of the waitress we had somewhere who had never heard of oil and vinegar salad dressing. =) And autographed goodies, of course, too!

Also, I’m VERY excited to have the new FAN FEATURES page, which will have articles written by YOU!!! It’s time I put you guys to work! Our first columnist is lovely Diana, who recently spent several months in NY. She tells you the scoop about how to get Broadway tickets on a student budget. You’ll love it! If others of you would like to write for the page in the future, just drop a line! And big kudos to Diana for getting us started!

Chris and I still have a few cities to go – and more being booked each day, so check in and come on out!!

Big Smiles,

January 13, 2006

**The original photos in this post were unable to be recovered 🙁 however some can be found in the Susan’s Scrapbook section*

Holy Moly it’s 2006. Um, okay. Wasn’t the millennium celebration like … TWO years ago? My sister actually had a big party to celebrate that year – you know the year 2000 – and she had some psychics reading our tarot cards at the bash. I went to one of them, in a little romantically-lit tent inside the lobby of the SoHo Grand hotel and asked her eagerly if 2000 was going to be a good year for me … she paused. Apparently not. She looked me straight in the face and said you’ll have a great year in 2004. What?! I’m sitting there in my new silver-beaded dress, supposed to be partying like it’s 1999, recently broken up with a boy friend, and I was thinking to myself … “I have to WAIT FOUR YEARS?? This woman is demonic!” And now … my great year was two years ago. =) Time has flown. I suppose 2004 was a good year. Honestly, I don’t take much stock in anything the fortuneteller said to me – they’ve all been good years and hard years, wonderful and worrying … and worthwhile. =) So now, what does this one hold? Who knows? I just know they always hold something unexpected, so … here we go.

I hope all of you had a marvelous set of holidays. I did. First one being married and we both had a great time. Bought a tree and named him Cary (we carried him home through the streets of LA – pictured at right UP stairs) and hung lights (red peppers my brother bought in Mexico – pictured at right DOWN stairs), visited family, hung out and were completely lazy. I’m in the midst of my 4 weeks off and I know I have tons of things I’m supposed to be doing, but I can’t seem to remember what any of them are.

I did book all the travel for Christopher and myself for the next leg of the tour – January through April. We’re taking over 50 flights, sleeping in over 100 hotel rooms, driving rental cars galore and following Map Quest directions to each and every location. =) I have a whole new set of knowledge now – for example, I now know that only Southwest flies into Harlingen, Texas, but you have to fly from Dallas LOVE airport, not Dallas Fort Worth. Those airports are 14 miles apart and I shall take a taxi from one to the other. I have brain cells occupied with that knowledge and I wonder to myself, what piece of vital information did I squeeze out to make room for this temporarily useful tidbit? Fascinating, I know.

I did the computer upgrade, which was sooo exciting!! I now have no excuse for not answering all of you. =) I’m on a gorgeous G5 here at home, and am experimenting with the video iPod. Between that and Sudoku I’m not sure I’ll get much reading done on those flights now.

I had a truly magnificent time at the Orange County Performing Arts Center December 9th and 10th with the Pacific Symphony! It was a holiday show with my favorite baritone, Doug LaBrecque (dreamiest voice you ever did hear), but this time we were joined by two stunning dancers, Joan Hess and Kirby Ward (who I had seen in a bunch of shows growing up here in So. Cal). AND Gavin MacLeod (you might remember him as Captain Stubing of Love Boat or my favorite, Murray Slaughter, on The Mary Tyler Moore Show) narrated “T’was the Night Before Christmas,” which was absolutely great. He even autographed the DVD set of the MTM Show that Karen (thanks, K!) gave me for Christmas. A treasured gift!!

I’ve also joined the 4.5 million others who are on myspace. Be sure to check out my domain there at It’s a whole cyber world whose culture is still a little foreign to me. I feel a little out of touch, but I’m learning!! What I love about it is that it’s a MUCH friendlier way to say hello to all of you, let you know about cool things that are happening, and most fun for me … I get to learn about YOU!! If you’re not already on myspace, go for it. It’s free and thoroughly modern. =) And for those who are on already – come find me and join the friends and tell your friends!! I’ve found 153 wonderful people there and am hoping to get to 500 by my birthday!! That’s 5 weeks away!! (Feb 18)

But what about THIS site??? We’ve got updates!

Make your way over to the SCRAPBOOK to see the year in review. The GALLERY holds a few more sights to behold. AND most importantly, a new contest on the FUN FACTS page!! We all have to thank Jenny (from the Message Board) for providing all the trivia!!

SUS SUGGESTS is in the works, check back for that!

The MESSAGE BOARD is still going strong. I’m loving chatting with so many of you, but also know that MANY of you are a little too shy to post – you’ve told me so at concerts! =) Dive in, my friends, it’s 2006!!


November 1, 2005

Ahhhh, Autumn. Gorgeous. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and have great plans for Thanksgiving.

Christopher and I finished our first couple of months of our tour, traveling from New York, to Florida (twice), through Arizona, Southern and Northern California and Washington State. We’ve met so many of you and saw some pretty remarkable places … we lost some $$ in a casino, began and finished all our Holiday shopping, chatted with many of you on our Message Board (now new and improved — thanks, Karen!), logged many hours in the car, did NOT win the McDonald’s Monopoly game (not without trying – love those midnight milkshakes – does ANYONE have Boardwalk??!), hit too many yarn shops (Chris, the knitter), and so much more. Some highlights:

Disney Cruises!! Chris and I played both the Wonder and Magic over Labor Day week and saw Curacau (Netherlands Antilles), Key West, and Disney’s Island, Castaway Cay. We spent time with the incredible Art Linkletter, met some incredible Disney fans and cast members, started a wonderful friendship with our cruise director, Kara, and I even got to blow the big horn on the ship as we cast off from port!! Loved it — can’t wait to go again!!


Divas of Broadway concert with Jodi Benson and Jan Horvath! Loved singing with these gals — how can you not!? The Little Mermaid and Christine from Phantom? They’re fantastic. And there’s nothing quite so fun as three gals chatting non-stop for two days and getting paid for it. This was my first symphony concert with Divas (as opposed to tenors and baritones), and I loved it!!


The University of Miami – Chris and I had an incredible time with the students and faculty at this incredible school. I would have loved having a program like this when I was in college – truly wonderful. And working with the am-AH-zing (as Seth Rudetsky would say) Karen Morrow in a concert honoring the great women of Broadway was a joy! We even had some great quality time with the incredible Jerry Herman (who is an alumus of UM). Thanks to Michael Kerker of ASCAP for once again giving me a wonderful opportunity and memory!

The beautiful Boulders Resort in Carefree, Arizona – the birds are so lovely they get away with almost anything …. One even hopped up to me at breakfast and after perching on the side of my bowl of granola and after helping itself to choice nuts, grabbed and entire strip of bacon off my plate and took off. Oh, and bunnies, bunnies everywhere! Our stay made up for the $$ lost at the casino from the day before!

The people of Payson, Arizona were a hoot – the concert was a blast and the drive to and from was stunning. I thought Chris’s eyes were going to pop out of his head as we traveled through the AZ desert. Apparently it all looks just like a video game he is obsessed with … something with cactus people … I thought it best not to ask too many questions.

San Diego – the Wild Animal Park. Chris slept through this adventure, but Rob (who joined up with us for this stop) and I had a great time. I always opt for this park when in San Diego, as opposed to the zoo (I know, I know, no pandas here, but other things make up for it!!). I love the wide open space for the animals. We went early and it was a little rainy, so everyone (with four legs or wings) was out and about and a little frisky. We even got to feed a giraffe. =)

Ukiah was so beautiful. Chris found (another) yarn shop – and spent a good hour and a half in it – with local Claire who was working there that day. We did a little Holiday shopping in other areas too and then had a GREAT time with the audience at the show that night. At the after party, we even met Joyce DeYoung (who sang with the Andrews Sisters!!) and Chris was SO EXCITED. He’d just done an Andrews Sister’s musical this past summer and could not believe he was actually meeting Joyce! Very cool! The whole town is extremely talented – we got CDs from two locals: classical pianist Elena Casanova (incredible!!!!!!! I can’t take this out of my CD player!!) and pop vocalist Jarrod McNaughton (unbelievable voice – very Josh Grobin – loved the disk!). This was definitely a highlight!

Our final concert before our November break was in Wenatchee, Washington. Another gorgeous drive – perfect autumn weather – trees in every color imaginable! We stopped off in a Bavarian town called Leavenworth and finished our Holiday shopping in it’s entirety! AND had deee-lish-ous crepes!! Then another fantastic crowd in Wenatchee! Sold out of CDs, met the director (Colleen) and Belle (Shawna) of their upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast , and had another entertaining party with some of the locals – could not be kinder!

I have LOVED meeting so may of you and cant’ wait for the next leg of our tour!! To see more photos, go to the SCRAPBOOK and GALLERY pages. Be sure to check out our new contest on FUN FACTS, too!! And more great reads on SUS SUGGESTS.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


September 9, 2005

It’s official, I am the biggest web slacker of all time. Forgive me folks, for I have sinned, it’s been 10 months since my last update!!!! Wha happen?!! Sigh. If I have been lax, I am so sorry; but you’ll be glad to know that I have not been lazy … so much to catch up on!

First off, my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to those struggling in Katrina’s aftermath. I’m inspired by their strength and by our country as a whole as every citizen it seems wants to do their part. We are unique here, and I’m so proud of that!

And I hope those of you in other regions have been having a good summer; I’ve been traveling all across the country, so I’ve seen quite a few of you, which I’ve really enjoyed!

The big news on my end (I suppose) is that I finally got hitched to my long-time guy, Rob!! Yahoo. =) We had a great event in a beautiful Southern California resort, surrounded by the ocean, perfect weather, close friends and family, several bunny rabbits, and even David and Courtney Cox Arquette (with their daughter), who watched the ceremony from their poolside spot. I kept wondering, if I got to actually meet them … perhaps the whole wedding could be a business tax write-off? =) I guess not … but even with the bills, newlywedded bliss is a wonderful thing.

In addition to wedding planning (a production to be sure … sheesh!), and moving homes, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in the air en route to some really cool concerts (one show, two days before the wedding and another two days after!). This summer seems to be the summer of amazing conductors: Marvin Hamlisch and the National Symphony, Don Pippin and the San Francisco Symphony, and Rob Fisher and the Cleveland Orchestra. All three were absolute blasts to perform, and I was thrilled to meet so many of you guys there!! I also hit the Charlotte Symphony, Brevard Symphony, Boca Sunshine Pops, Rhode Island Philharmonic, and Southwest Florida Symphony … but my hands-down favorite was last weekend with the Utah Symphony Orchestra. This was my third time performing with them, but my first as part of their summer series, so the venue was new for me. We sang on a specially built outdoor stage at the foot of Deer Valley Ski Resort in Park City! So lovely, 3000 folks picnicking on the grass, a great conductor (Gerald Steichen — LOVE him!!), two great guys to sing with (Doug LaBreque and Michael Maguire — both dreamy!) and a partridge in a pear tree. Loved it. Perhaps the high I felt was the altitude? Who cares, I think I should move there!

I’ve also been prepping with quite a few solo concerts for the big solo concert tour which begins in the fall!! Check out the CALENDAR page to see all the cities and ticket information. I’ve been getting some wonderful emails from many of you, and I can’t wait to meet you face to face!!

In CD news, I’m finally in iTunes!! So exciting! I’m addicted to the whole thing, so I’m glad that perhaps I’ll get a little income in exchange for the thousands of tunes I constantly download! What did we do before mp3 players, I ask?

I’ve recorded a few more Disney Princess CDs — gotta love those — and even sang a duet with Lee Lessack on his new LML Music CD, In Good Company. Check it out! Or download it!! =) It’s a great CD! In the crazy world of voice overs, I’m still grateful to Kmart — AND I even have a few X-box video games coming out next year, where I play a bad guy!! Fitting. =)

Look into the SUS SUGGESTS page, as I have been reading non-stop and have some great books piled on my shelf to tell you about. =) FUN FACTS — check it out! We have a contest for you! And there are additions to the SCRAPBOOK.

AND now we have entered this millennium and have a FORUM!!! That’s a Message Board. You can post, others can post, we at can post, Susan can post from the road — we can all get cozy getting to know each other. =) Yea!! So pick a username and log on!

Now that my big events are out of the way, I’m settled with an office that has my computer actually hooked up, and I’m re-focused on work, I pledge to keep in touch on a more regular basis. And in the fall — blogs from the road are a must. You’ll have to let us know if you enjoy the antics of my musical director, Christopher McGovern, and I stopping off at bizarre places on our way from one concert to another. =) Our video diary should be a lovely thing. =)

I’m signing off for now, and wish you a wonderful September!!


October 3, 2004

I cannot believe this summer has flown so quickly. Wha’ happen? It truly feels like I left MILLIE a month ago, and it’s been THREE! It’s been a busy and wonderful few months. And heavens! It’s OCTOBER!

MAKING MUSIC: The new CD, Coffee House, had a great pre-release in July and then was officially released September 7th. Reviews have been terrific (I was nervous – this CD is so different!), and numbers are looking good. Thank you to all you out there who have purchased it!! And thanks to those who have written in to say you like it, to those who came to the CD signing at Theatre Circle (see photo of the store window – thanks Craig!), and to those who came to the CD launch concert at the Orange County Performing Arts Center – that was a blast! You can see me in the photo at left with my buddy, Karen after that concert. The best side-effect of the CD is having the opportunity to meet so many of you face-to-face! I plan to do a set very similar to the one in Orange County at New York’s JOE’S PUB, November 7th – with my rocking band – so come join us!!!!!

LAND OF THE SUN: I’m enjoying being back on the West Coast, back in my home. Getting organized and reacquainting myself with the weather. =) Lot’s of tennis, outdoor fun, reading in the sun (with 45 SPF), and BBQing. I could get used to this, but … oh, yeah … I need to work to pay the mortgage

FINDING FRODO: Work has been really interesting lately. Last week I was in Hartford, Connecticut singing with the symphony there. Not unusual – I often do symphony work, only this time I was not singing the regular Broadway songbook, but rather crooning the mezzo role in Howard Shore’s new symphony, LORD OF THE RINGS, based on his Oscar Award-winning film score. It was fascinating! I just loved it! Singing alongside glorious soprano, Carolyn Betty, I was rejuvenated. Sometimes it’s just the right moment to travel outside your usual realm … and into Middle Earth. Carolyn and I came back to LA together and sang the piece again at the Hollywood Bowl with conductor-extraordinaire, John Mauceri – the man who persuaded and aided Howard Shore to adapt his music into the 6 movement symphony. And now I have been asked to sing the piece with 4 more symphonies across the country in the next few months! In some venues I’ll sing both the mezzo and soprano roles and in some (larger venues) I’ll sing mezzo and Carolyn will sing her gorgeous lyric soprano. I’m having the BEST time! At the Bowl some audience members actually came DRESSED AS HOBBITS! Outstanding! And when else am I to have the opportunity to sing in Elvish? Yes, I sing in the language of Elves!!! And also in English for the Annie Lennox tunes. Come, put on your pointy ears/furry feet and join us!

IN PERSON: I have quite a few solo concerts dates scheduled in the next few months as well – in between the LOTR symphony dates – and also some regular Broadway symphony dates coming up in the next few months! The variety is making me both excited and insane – but I love the roller-coaster … and maintaining flexibility is a nice change after a year of 8 shows a week – same thing day in and day out. Just a different kind of thrill now – and finally a chance to travel a bit more and meet folks from around the country. Next year – 2005 – should mark even more concerts! I’m just beginning to book an official year-long tour of dates, literally everywhere, across the nation and even a few spots in England. If you have a particular Performing Arts Center near you that you’d like us to consider or contact, send an email in. We’re beginning to route the tour now, so we need to make contact with venues in the next few months. I’ve never gone on a solo tour before and I’m beyond excited! And grateful to my musical director, Christopher McGovern, who will join me!

PROUD FRIEND: Last Sunday marked the 2004 Emmy’s, and a first nomination for my dear friend Robin Weigert – an incredible NY actress now appearing on HBO’s “Deadwood” as “Calamity Jane!” Though Robin did not win the award for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama” – every single magazine and newspaper said she SHOULD have. This is the first of many awards for her I am predicting. At the Emmy party after, even Meryl Streep kissed her hands in admiration! Amazing!! YOU MUST check out her performances in “Deadwood!!” She rocks! Though she is dusty, cursing, and leather-garbed on her show – she does glam up very well. Check out the photo of Robin (with our friend Sara and myself) at a party for the Laguna Pageant of the Masters last month!

Happy Fall!


July 5, 2004

What a month!

My favorite news is that the CD – Coffee House, my new solo CD with LML Music – is at the manufacturers! I have loved working on this (between shows at MILLIE) with my best guy pal, Christopher McGovern and as the music is definitely eclectic, I’m hoping folks enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Sexy Beast, Terrence Mann, joins me on a cool Janis Ian duet – Terry ROCKS! I FINALLY got to record a song I’ve loved since 1996 – a song originally written for Meg in HERCULES, but replaced with the song “I Won’t Say” – also a great tune – when they decided Meg wasn’t the ballad type. But this tune, “I Can’t Believe My Heart” has always stayed with me – Alan Menken and David Zippel just know how to write for women!! I also sing a song Jerry Herman wrote for his new musical MISS SPECTACULAR – the song is so witty – I adore Jerry Herman and have been performing this tune live with him in concerts throughout last year! But these rather theatrical aspects are set alongside classic rock and pop songs – think Joni Mitchell. It may sound strange, but I really wanted to make a CD that folks could play in the background and relax with! You can turn it up loud and listen to great stories and lyrics (I LOVE the new writers on here – Marcy Heisler, Zina Goldrich, Georgia Stitt, Faye Greenberg, David Evans, Christopher McGovern) – in that sense you COULD listen to it like you would a Broadway album. BUT I also wanted the CD to work in the way you might listen to Sarah McLachlan or Norah Jones – cool sounds, guitar based, romantic accompaniment for a quiet evening. Once again, Julia Evins has designed amazing graphics for this CD and Christopher McGovern’s work as producer, arranger, orchestrator , engineer, (and composer for one tune) is outstanding!! July 15th!! I can’t wait! Oh, and if you’re in Southern California – come to Founders Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts Center for my concert release party! CD is included in the price of admission! Watch OCPAC’s website for ticket availability!


THE THIRD WISH is a romantic comedy starring some up-n-comers in Hollywood – (Julia Roberts look-alike) Jenna Mattison and the charming Brit, Sean Maguire. I got to hang for two weeks with those two as well as a dear friend, Mindy Cohn and new friend, Jennifer Blanc – eating junk food and talking about boys – on and off screen. The film is directed by a most talented Shelley Jensen, with whom I worked on NIKKI for two years – so no surprise that my role in the film is very “Mary Campbell” – sarcastic and edgy. I gave it my best Bebe Neuwirth.


And MILLIE!!! The closing was bittersweet – I’ll miss the truly marvelous group of people on and off stage at the Marquis Theatre – BUT the show had a great run and our closing was something special. Our lovely producers sent us out with a riotous party – see pictures!! And having only had one week off – I’ve already gained FOUR pounds!! Needless to say I’ve stopped eating the Millie-high-caloric-diet now. =) I think its under control at this point! Oy. Big thanks to the cast and crew and production team and most of all Mary Ann the master-Millie-dresser who made my stay so great!! And to Karen who flew out for the shin-dig!

And now it’s July and I have no structure to my life (CD, movie, and MILLIE – all done) and no great goals except to grow my hair. Ahhh, summer vacation!

I hope you all are well and enjoying your summers! Thank you for the TONS of questions you’ve sent in for the FUN FACTS page. Took me a few days to get to them all, but they are all up there now!! Feel free to send in more! There are new SUGGESTIONS for summer reading if you want – check it out! And be sure to sign up for our mailing list, so we can send you deals on the CD!!



April 26, 2004

APRIL 18th – A MAGIC DAY? I simply cannot believe it, but yesterday (April 18th) marked the 10 year anniversary of Beauty and the Beast and my Broadway debut! That blows me away!!! It feels like yesterday and also a lifetime ago. And funny that I am literally working across the street from the show – 10 years, lots of travel, a plethora of adventures and now I’m back on the same block! So yesterday I did the 3pm matinee of Millie and (can you believe it?) celebrated Millie’s 2 year anniversary with champagne and cake, then headed over to the Disney party to celebrate Beauty and the Beast. It was unbelievable seeing so many Beast alumni as well as to meet the current cast, including Christy Carlson Romano – the current “Belle.” The whole evening was an absolute joy. I knew in the moment 10 years ago how incredibly lucky I was, not just to be a part of the production, but to be working closely with this particular group of people. Even 10 years later, they feel like family!! From Sue, our wardrobe supervisor (who now has an 8 and 7 year old!) to Linda Woolverton (the author of the play and I think real Belle) to producer Michael Eisner, we all bonded in what was at the time a grand experiment for Disney – moving into live theatre on Broadway. So last evening felt like old home week. I’m so glad to have seen so many … just incredible people from the original cast there! I’m actually more emotional today than last night, I think! By the way, it was hysterical to learn from Gary Beach that April 18th is also the anniversary for The Producers – 3 years and going strong! I would venture to say that if one would like to produce a hit musical in this town, they could do worse than to open their show on this day!


It’s been a great month all around. Millie is proving to be an absolute kick (literally and figuratively) to do! The show’s been doing well and we’ve been enjoying the loud and appreciative Spring Break audiences! And my new CD is going very well! My producer, Christopher McGovern, and I have been recording tracks with some of the most talented musicians around. I’ve been recording during the day and walking to Millie in the evenings on a cloud, thinking of these songs. Sean Harkness (amazing guitarist) in particular is an inspiration! You have to check out his site: and listen to him! He’s the guy who plays guitar in all the Windham Hill CDs I love! I’m lucky to have him playing on this CD!


I had loads of fun with a few events, singing with some incredible folks. The Broadway Sings on Park Avenue Benefit was a star-studded affair; Michele Pawk, John Dossett, and David Garrison were the highlights in my view! And a few days earlier I sang at an event celebrating women in advertising and had the chance to meet Eden Espinosa and Laura Bell Bundy (the standbys for Elphaba and Glinda in Wicked) and see their amazing costumes up close. I especially liked the fact that Eden had to walk down Broadway in her green face make-up and yet no one looked twice. You gotta love New York! And I do.

March 9, 2004

Oh Good Heavens! What a crazy couple of months!! Closing CABARET with such a magnificent cast and crew was truly an experience of a lifetime. I was so surprised to be going back into that show in the first place – surprised and pleased, as I never expected this second time around to top the first. But then to be there on closing night, in a role that makes my heart pound with delight – it was incredible.  (Pictured at right with co-star Blair Brown). The audience was filled with CABARET designers, writer Joe Masterhoff and composer John Kander, creative teams, directors Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall, producers, alumni cast members (including FOUR other “Sallys” and several “Emcees”), fans, and more. What an energy and what a celebration of a production that shook NY – all held in the most famous party room of the city, Studio 54. I am still tickled to have been a small part of it! Now the marquee for ASSASSINS is up – I wish the show well and hope you all get there to see it!!

And really, I didn’t have too much time to reflect or be sad, because after closing CABARET on a Sunday, I began rehearsals for THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE on Monday.  It was a little disconcerting at first. As I watched the show, I kept looking for the bruises and drug track-marks of the ladies in MILLIE, wondering where the Nazis were hiding, and waiting for the character of Jimmy Smith to appear in drag. It took three or four days to understand that MILLIE is a HAPPY show! I spent four days learning dances with the most incredible dance captain, JoAnn Hunter, then I went home to LA for two weeks to actually rest and recoup and hope that the tap steps would somehow marinate in my body.

MILLIE took me by surprise and happened very quickly – the offer came in the last few weeks I was doing CABARET. I’m so thrilled to have the chance to work on this project, which I’ve admired for the last two years of it’s run. Stepping into the lanky shoes of Sutton Foster is a kick. And coming into the show, while strange at first to shift from such a dark piece to a light one, has been incredible. Our stage manager from CABARET, Michael Passaro, made the move at the same time as I did, so we shared the journey. The Production Stage Manager at MILLIE is Pat Sosnow, with whom I worked 10 years ago at BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, our Company Manager is Jim Brandeberry, with whom I worked on my first national tour of BYE. BYE BIRDIE, one of my best girlfriends (from my previous run in CABARET) Linda Gabler is in the cast, and of course I am reunited with director Michael Mayer who was the creative force behind TRIUMPH OF LOVE – he is remarkable (he is pictured with me at right).  So while MILLIE is new for me, it actually feels like old home week! Apparently, I’m now old enough (though mind you I started VERY, VERY, VERY young!) for things to have come full circle. =) Ha!

I’m loving the show – it is a marathon of joy. A great workout, a laugh riot, a fantastic company …. Dixie Carter is hysterical, Leslie Uggams, inspiring, Christian Borle, an absolute charmer … and on and on. I gush, but only because I know how rare a situation like this is. And the energy translates to the audiences.

I hope folks enjoy the show; I hope audiences come back to see it again and enjoy some new takes on the roles – I’m telling you, Dixie is a villain to be reckoned with! It’s such a pleasure to be in a family-oriented musical and once again see children in the audience. It’s been a decade since BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and I had forgotten what fun it is to make them laugh and clap.


Be sure to check out updates all over this and the Official Susan Egan website – new pictures, latest information, great new books, and more!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying 2004 …